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March Madness Trap Tournament

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Black Wing Shooting Center is hosting its first annual March Madness Trap Tournament on Saturday March 16th at 11am. This is a for fun, non-registered event from the 16yrd line. Now taking sign ups over the phone or in the store at 740-363-7555 Ext. 215. Deadline to sign up is Sunday March 10th. Any further questions can be answered by phone or via email at [email protected] We look forward to you joining us for our first of many events throughout the year.
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TTT...Call us and sign-up today!
I would like to attend. I will still be in SC. I will not be in Ohio until1
March 18. I like the idea and format. Will you be doing it again? John
I am not by no means being smart but at $9.00 PER 25 Targets for trap, That is for sure out of my league for my trap shooting budget. Even $ 6.00 for members is a lot.
Thank you for your interest, we are holding many fun shoots throughout the year and will keep you updated. Depending on the turn out to each fun shoot, will determine when and if we hold it again. We will be posting all fun shoots on this forum from here on out, please keep an eye out and do not hesitate to contact us for details or with questions!

We understand that our prices are a little higher than some other places to shoot (bot not all!). However, we are fully staffed and open 6 days a week no matter the weather, and you can always count on us to accommodate your shooting needs. We appreciate your response to the March Madness thread. Maybe soon in the future we will have something more up your alley. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any further questions.
So does the $50 entry fee cover all the targets or is each round shot another $9?


The $50 entry fee covers all targets and goes towards the great prizes offered. Another prize offered is for those who get knocked out in the first round, they will compete in a miss and out shoot-off from the 16 yard line. Winner of the shoot-off will win an all inclusive one hour trap lesson (all targets, ammo, and instruction) from a qualified trap instructor. Thank you for your post, feel free to give us a call and register over the phone!
We still have slots available for the tournament, give us a call to register!!
We still have a few slots open for the March Madness Tourny. We have extended registration to Friday, March 15th. Give us a call and sign up over the phone!!! 740-363-7555 Ext 215.
were in Ohio are you located and can you explain this tournament a little?
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