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mandatory background checks

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Why is mandatory background checks a problem for the NRA? I think its a good idea. Am i missing something?
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I will answer the question with a question . Is there a mandatory background check for the Office of the President of the United States ? Is there mandatory background checks for the offices of Congress and the Senate ? If the President can have a top level clearance in matters of all National security issues without a background check why should I have to have a background check to purchase a weapon ? Hmmmmmm !!!!!!!
They already have them.
The background checks they are wanting are the ones between individuals. All sales will have to go thru a dealer in order to do the check. There are millions of guns out in the country that the government have no idea who has them. They want to know were they are that is what is behind this. Two things to remember they can't take them if they don't know who has what and the last thing is The bad guys won't follow this law either.
I would also ask the question, "how would a mandatory background check reduce criminal behavior"? Gun violence is what spurred this issue in the media anyway. Would a background check impact that? Would it have prevented Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc.... NO

So if that is true, then why the background checks? It may appear there are other agendas. It is my opinion that they are using these tragedies to further their anti-gun agenda, and most of the media is right there with them.

Background checks would impact law abiding citizens only. Criminals will continue to steal their weapons and use them as tools in their criminal behavior.

More laws on the books does NOTHING to deter criminals. After all, what makes them criminals is that they refuse to abide by rules and LAWS.

The anti gunners and media make it sound good, but where is the proof. Just my 2 cents.
Is the gov't also asking for voter IDs....Not!
mr. Snyder, Do you really think that criminals will legally buy guns using this background check. These mandatory background checks will only be done by the law a biding people who don't commit crimes. Thus, taking one more step to total registration of all of firearms in this country. So this will only affect the honest citizens who would like to give or sell a gun to a family member or friend. I still can't believe that everybody that shoots and owns guns is not an NRA member. If we give an inch the Liberals will take a mile. After background checks what is next?
We (us) feel that universal b/g checks are the first step to direct the feds to where guns are in order to confiscate.
When you first hear of mandatory universal background checks your first think "Not a bad idea"; you then think "Are these people serious?" As previosly stated, criminals won't comply leaving the law abiding citizen to comply or risk being a criminal. If I buy a trap gun off a friend then both would be subject to government. The added cost would ultimately be paid by me. When you think about it what has it accomplished? People think it would prevent the mentally ill from buying guns but in all reality has a background check stopped such a sell? Then what about HIPPA law which keeps confidential medical information from being released? The reality is who really trusts government that it wouldn't morph into something draconian? What about passing on a gun to a loved one? We need to think before we leap. I'm against any further gun laws. BT100dc
You are missing a lot. The only gun sales not subject to background checks at the present time are those between individuals. Forget the "gun show loophole" they are so fond of citing. Dealers at gun shows are still required to do the background checks but individuals can buy and sell guns if they reside in the same state. They now want to take that away so you can't buy a gun from your friend at the local gun club without paying someone to "transfer" it. Another impediment thrown in front of legal gun owners that will have no impact on crime. Go after the criminals not legal gun owners who already have to jump through hoops to remain legal. There are laws with stiff sentences for using a gun in commission of a crime which are routinely bargained away to get a quick plea resulting in the criminal being back out on the street to strike again. They would rather go after the law abiding citizen with onerous, draconian, unnecessary and ineffective laws so they can say they "did something." If they get mandatory background checks it won't be enough, it never is. Next will be mandatory registration. Don't give them another inch.
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SM- If you're OK with background checks on private sales, are you OK with background checks on ammunition purchases as well? Because we now have both in NY. Good luck paying $10 for a background check and waiting 45 minutes when you try to buy a box of shootoff shells @ the NYS shoot next year (if anybody is even going to sell ammunition and/or reloading supplies on site anymore, which they probably won't).

Private party background checks sound good on paper, until you realize it will do ABSOLUTELY nothing to deter criminals from getting guns. It may make it slightly more expensive for them to get what they want, but they'll either steal their guns from a law abiding gun owner, or buy them from someone who did.
I'm thinking Earl is in the troll-training program.
Mandatory background checks is nothing more than gun registration,they eventually want to know where the guns, again, only the law abiding citizen get's hosed on this deal.............
I'm starting to think Earl is on the wrong side of the coin. He is all for banning AR's and hi- cap mags. Now this. Hmmmmm???
And another thing. This opens up for the states to charge sales tax on these sales because it is going thru a dealer.
what is stupid about the whole thing is that don't enforce the laws now, so I'm not sure why the so called "close the loop hole" will do anything. It will just expand the black markert on guns.

criminals will always be criminals.

the thing i don't like about the private sale back ground check is that it opens the door for fee escalation, the last gun I bought from an out of state dealer cost me $135 in processing fees from the local gun it what you want, but to me that is outrageous.
Also keep in mind that Nancy Lanza passed a background check in CT. in order to purchase those weapons. What did it accomplish?
I've already been through background checks for all the guns I have(handguns and a call to local law enforcement for shotguns and rifles)just use existing laws more stringently.All the mass shooters either didn't go through background checks(Newtown,Columbine)or did(Va. Tech,Aurora theater)maybe background checks for private sales are a good idea,but it won't make any difference until mentally challenged people are controlled.If you believe our government doesn't already track your guns you belong to the mentally challenged group.
There is NO way the government knows where all the guns are. They didn't start the 4473's until after the Gun Control Act of 1967. Before that you paid the money went home with the gun simple as that. The store owners policed it themselves. If they knew the person was a nut case they didn't sell the gun to him. Now you can't do that if they pass the background check you can't refuse.
How would this be enforced? Without registration, it is nearly impossible.

Why do I need to get checked out when I already have a stable full of guns?
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