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Making do to shoot trap

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I came across this unfortunately small image of a man shooting trap using an adaptive device. The other shooter has a shell pouch clearly marked UMC


The gun appears to be a Winchester 1893 or 1897 with the forend wood removed. The shooter has a harness with a loop on the end of his partially amputated left arm, and a string attached to the trigger


Interestingly, there was a report in the March 9, 1895 Forest & Stream of an armless turkey hunter


and the same (partial) article in the March 9, 1895 Sporting Life
The Sporting Life, March 09, 1895 - Page 16 - The Sporting Life Collection - LA84 Digital Library
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In the early 70's we had shooter who lost his right arm in an accident. The local gunsmith adapted a Remington 1100 with a pistol grip forend that had a trigger installed. His prosthetic arm was a hook that he held the gun to his shoulder by placing the hook in the triggerless trigger guard and fired the gun by pulling the trigger with his left hand by use of the forend pistol grip.
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