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Can this be installed on other models BPS or older Trap models that didn't come with it? Thanks Dave
What I am remembering about the cutoff is that the way it works is when turned to one side it stopped the forend mechanism short of tripping the cartridge stop so that while the shell or hull in the chamber will eject the next shell isn't released from the magazine. When turned to the other side the part that extends and is used to operate it than has a matching cut so that the forend reaches full travel.

Numrich gunparts shows all the parts needed.

The two things needed after that would be a shallow cut on the outside of the magazine for the cutoff retainer and then finding and making the cut in either the forend sleeve or forend wood so the cutoff works properly.

There is a reason that Browning stopped using the magazine cutoff. Whether it was because of cost cutting or something else who knows?
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