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Mabella- its worth $1000 more if I sold it to you

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Ok it has been stated that I sold mabella a 30 inch barrel ( he apparently just figured this out)

K80 parcours ( not parcours special) with 30 inch factory choked tubed barrel and 30 inch semi light barrel fitted with skeet tubes

If I sold it to you( barrel- because I know I didnt sell the gun) and it is a shootable K80 "semi light" you can add $1000 to my pricing for the complete K80 - so my price is now ranging from a value of $9500-$$11,000 for the two barrel skeet tubed set

The pricing went up---not because I sold it to him but because that is what it is worth

I know I wouldnt have told someone that they couldnt shoot the barrel if in fact they could -- I have a feeling I told him that he could shoot the barrel

I still dont understand the fixation with nipples in the threads though

regards from Iowa

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Gene your the one who sees nipples on a barrel.

Rey figured this out, I'm too busy spending my millions.

Regards from Sunny, beautiful Miami, Florida.
(Gene I am not a Dolfan so don't waste your very limited time going there.)

Manny when I' shooting, Dr. Abella when I wish I was shooting.
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