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M12 2 pin milled rib

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For sale is a nice honest 2 pin milled rib M12 - I was told it was a trap grade when I bought it from a reputable gent on this site a few years back. However, like a lot of M12 they may not be marked trap and this one is not. The SN# is 1790250 and from what I can tell it was produced about 1959.

The barrel is marked Winchester proof steel 30 inch full and has not been molested. I'll have to get my bore gauge back out to confirm constriction.

As can be seen it has a long forearm and neither the forearm or stock were original to the gun and have been refinished - they look decent. The LOP is about 14 inches give or take an 1/8 or an inch or so.

AFAIK, the blue is original and it looks better than it does in the pic's.. There is one small blem on the top of the receiver that I tried to show in the pic's and some wear on the magazine tube... but .. it is a 60 year old M12.

I have both pull and release triggers and Phillip worked and/or went through both triggers.

The trigger that's in now is a release.. I've gotta dig in the back of one of the safes to find the pull.

I'm asking $1100 with both triggers or $950 with one trigger plus shipping.

I won't seperate the triggers until the gun sells.

I bought this with the intention of perhaps shooting some Nostalgia shoots but that's not happened and it's too nice of a M12 to just sit in the safe. I've shot a few hundred rounds through it and like any of the good ole M12's it points like the finger of god and smokes the target if I do my part.

The pic's show some reflection from the blueing - the blueing is good.. no scratches or blem's other than what I mentioned.

Upon receipt, if your not happy.. I'm not happy and I'll return your $ if you cover the shipping back.

Please PM with any questions.


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