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Lyman Products/Pachmayr Poor Customer Service

Discussion in 'Shooting Related Threads' started by Echo 1, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Echo 1

    Echo 1 Active Member

    Nov 3, 2015
    The Mitten Galaxy
    So I did a Google search for recoil pads for my Citori trap gun.

    I came across a link to Pachmayr's Decelerator recoil pad. Said that is was a pre fit for the Citori and since I had used Pachmayr's grips for a number of my handguns I thought it was just what I was looking for so I ordered one.

    It arrived today and I immediately noticed that it said Browning Citori Field Grade Stock and I knew I was in trouble.

    I called their customer service number and explained to the gal that this recoil pad wasn't going to work for me and asked what I needed to do to return it.

    As she was looking up my account she said that they were specially priced and were not returnable. I explained that this particular pad was not specially priced and wished to return it.

    Moments later she said let me check and I then heard a couple of beeps and was forwarded to voice mail and was left leaving a voice mail message and as you probably guessed nobody returned my call.

    Here's the link to the Decelerator page, it clearly states $44.50 : Pachmayr&reg Pachmayr your primary source for quality handgun grips and recoil pads

    Here is the link to there closeout pads and it clearly was not $9.95 : Specials

    Lesson learned I suppose for not calling and talking to someone about the pads specifications.

    Just don't want to see anybody else get taken by what I consider very poor customer service.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2015
  2. Tron

    Tron Supporting Vendor Supporting Vendor

    Jan 29, 1998
    Under bridge
    The first red flag should have been "pre fit". You need to be really careful about anything claiming to be "pre fit".

    Just say in'. Otherwise, I've had great experiences with Lyman.... other than them being a bit slow in dealings at times.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
  3. skeet_man

    skeet_man Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 1998
    Rochester, NY
    File a chargeback with your credit card, easier done than said.

    Pre-fits are generally a poor replacement for a professional ground and fit recoil pad. More often than not the fit is somewhat close, but nowhere near perfect.
  4. trap.skeet.sporting

    trap.skeet.sporting Banned User Banned

    Sep 29, 2014
  5. marbax

    marbax Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2015
    So...which price did you pay? All my Citoris, except the .410 and 28 have after market pads on them, never once has my gun guy just put one on without fitting and grinding.
  6. 1straightshot

    1straightshot Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    I think both companies sell excellent products, but.will be dammed if I ever call the company again. Once was enough with the rude bee- octch at Lyman. I buy face 2 face now or thru Midway etc.
    Tron thanked this.
  7. vtofa

    vtofa Active Member

    Sep 12, 2015
    Manufacturers are rarely good at retailing.
  8. ljutic73

    ljutic73 Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2005
    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    Ever since Frank Pachmyr died and the company restructured it's been downhill IMHO. My customer service experience with KickEez on the other hand has been wonderful. Just sayin'.
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