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I have modifed two Dillon low powder sensors for use on the shot and powder tubes on my Spolar. In the good old days these devices used a mechanical buzzer. The new ones all seem to use electronically created tones. Even with my hearing aids I cannot hear these tones. One of the Dillon's (the one on the shot) I can hear. I saw a sensor on the Alpha Dynamics website so I took a chance and ordered one. It attaches with a soft rubber strap. It has a tone which I cannot hear but it has a very bright flashing red light when the powder gets low. Works very well. It has a vibration sensor so when you stop reloading it will shut itself off. The Double Alpha site is a pain to navigate so here is the link to the sensor.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Tried to order several times but the website just goes dark and leaves a weird message. Can't find them anywhere else.
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