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loose rib

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Friend has a browning lightning and the rib is coming loose, can anyone steer him in the right direction as to a gunsmith that does that type of work, rib is soft soldered, it is a 12 ga. made in belgium. price range? thanks in advance.
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go to Art Isaacson is the premier Browning guy in the States. He's done a couple for me at about $500.00 for a complete solder job.
Art reworked my 1968 Superposed Trap. He did'nt touch the rib, but the total work was around $400 to reweld some hairline cracks, fix a loose forearm and new springs. I caught him during his busy time and it took 6 weeks. He even met me during a road trip to save me the shipping.


Todd (Illinois)
will check with him, thanks so much.
Simmons does that stuff all the time- you will have to wait but I think they are $350 and that includes a barrel reblue

PS- there is really no way to do it without reblueing the barrel

Regards from Iowa

thanks gene, will check that out also.
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