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looking for those dial bore gauges

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I saw some dial bore gauges of different lengths for the same low price. Are they still available and has anyone bought and used one. Thanks---
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I just moved Gary's thread to the top. Look for it.

Gene in Illinois
If you are using the category view option, they are down in the For Sale section. Titled "2013~~~Dial Barrel Bore Gauges~~~". Mark
I received mine this week. Very nice unit for the money. Gary schooled me on what I was looking at and looking for. Nice gentleman!

Now I'm in the process of seriously cleaning my guns and chokes to see what I actually have. Next I'll make some notes on each gun.

You'll be amazed at what you think you have in the way of chokes and overall constriction.

Search for the Unloader... Gary Bulley...

The Unloader (Gary) is great to deal with, he has a great product. I checked everyone's bores at our local range and we all enjoyed comparing the constrictions. You won't be sorry if you buy one. Take care, Roger
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