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I am pretty happy with my O&U guns so my ADHD mind started to wonder and started to look at Autoloader again.....

I hope to use the autoloader for plantation type hunt or mini 3-guns @ local clubs.
I will also try to persuade my wife to try trap/skeet again with a lighter gun and less recoil.

May I ask for your opinion between these 3 guns in 12 gauge.

1) Benelli M1 Super 90 28" field gun
2) Benelli Legacy 28" #10400
3) Benelli Legacy Sport 30" #10645
4) Benelli Legacy Sport 28" #10640

Assuming all guns are New-Old-Stock or Factory New
My questions are

- what is the difference between Legacy #10400 & #10645?
It seems that 10645 has a ported CRIO barrel & Extended Choke.
Are they different generations of the same gun?
Are the barrels & stocks compatible?
Would you pay $300 more for the #10645?

- Assuming that I can find a NOS M1 S90 for $800,
would you pay $1400 for a new Legacy 28"?
$600 extra for the CRIO barrel and fancy receiver. I do believe that the Legacy is lighter.
Or did I answer my own question?

- I do have a spare 18.5 Tactical Model and Pistol grips somewhere in the basement for an M1S90 but no gun.
Does that tip the scale to favor the M1 S90? Or should I sell that since I live in the restricted state of CA?

- Lastly - where does the Montefeltro fit in?
Based on a big part reseller's page, the Montefeltro and Legacy seem to share barrels.

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I’ve owned several Benellis but none now. These included both a 12 & 20 Montefeltro plus a Super 90 in 12 ga. Learned the hard way that the stock dimensions and shims for the Super 90 aren’t the same as the current production Montefeltros. Basically while the current Montefeltro reasonably fits me when shimmed right, the Super 90 never did. It’s my experience the current Montefeltro is basically a less stylized version of the Legacy.
Benellis are hugely popular with my hunting friends. However, I’ve ultimately found Beretta's to be a better choice for me when it comes to semi autos.

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I’ll try and chip away at some of your questions...

1) you are correct the difference between #10400 and #10640 is that 10640 has the potted barrel and the crio extended chokes

2)I was unable to find an answer to the generation question

3) The barrels and stocks should definitely be interchangeable

4) I would not pay 300 dollars more for simply some porting and extended choke tubes

As far as your decision you need to decide what your number one role the gun will fill is. If you want to mainly use it for three gun get the S90. But if you mainly want to use it for hunting and trap I would go another route...

I would recommend you look at the newer offerings from Benelli. If you ask me the legacy is outdated and overpriced. I would look at the ethos, or the Benelli monefeltro silver if you want a pretty gun. Or look at the M2/SBE3 if you want a straight up work horse. I’m a big Benelli fan boy when it comes to hunting so feel free to PM me if you want to discuss this anymore.

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