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Looking for a blue K80 or K32 top lever--- just seeing if there might be some lying around that were

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Lots of people have replaced the blued ones with nickle and might have one of these in your spare parts drawer-- let me know what is out there
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Krieghoff K-80 standard trap (32"/34" unsingle) & Beretta ASE-90 (29 1/2" tubed set)
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I "might" have a blued top lever at the house. I upgraded my newer nickel receiver to all nickel pins, top latch and lever, and I have an assortment of parts as well, from my late gunsmith who passed away. I can check this evening when I get home. I am just getting back on after a couple of years away, due to a job change, but I hope to get back "up-to-speed" real soon.

Mike* (MH*)
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