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Getting back to reloading... Phew it's not been easy..... Finally have all the components... The only powder I could finally score is one pound of Winchester AA Super Handicap.

The load I have researched is

19.5gr Winchester AA Super Handicap

WinAA Hull

Claybuster CB1118-12 Wad

Win209 primer

1 1/8 oz 7.5 magnum shot


Does this make good sense to anyone with a little more experience than me?

Looks like I need to get an E1 bushing for my PW 800b

Comments would always be appreciated....

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Make sure to set it with a scale.

AASH works great. That load sounds good. I load it to 1250-1290 with 21 gr (give or take) using a Downrange wad and WW primers, 1 1/8 shot.
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