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Ljutic Mono gun serial no. 3231
Standard rib
80/20 point of impact
factory choke untouched 740 bore .705 choke
factory release trigger
semi rollover caro walnut wood offset (purchsed from bob schultz he would know the dimensions)
aluminum warwick case
soft touch recoil reduction
over $ 5500.00 invested new

$3500.00 takes it plus shipping to your ffl.

i can provide pics , gun is in nice shape, some blue wear from normal shooting.
I don't shoot anymore and have other places i could throw the money to, price is FIRM , so know that before you inquire. i'm not interested in any comments about what one can be bought for elsewhere, so if you are not interested , please just look elsewhere.

i can be reached at the email address above or phone me at 217-484-6225 to discuss payment / shipping etc.

thanks, jeff
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i've had some questions...
it is a right handed gun
it is a 34" barrell
it has NOT had the choke messed with
it is a 740 bore with .705 choke ( i believe that is a light full) it breaks targets very hard from the back fence without making them look like little puff balls, it's a good yardage gun that will grind a target up and still be a little bit forgiving, but it will boil 16 yard targets.
the soft touch works great and i have had no problems with it at all
the trigger can be converted back to a pull with i believe 2 factory pieces and about 2 minutes time.?? i've watched it done but never did it myself.

i think that covers it. thanks, jeff
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