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Lujtic Mono Very Nice Gun -- Good Shooter-- Full Choke 34" Barrel I Painted the Wood Forearm to Match the Painted PFS Then covered the Cheek Piece with a nice piece of Leather, The paint has a textured finish ( so it is not silppery ) there is slight bluing wear on the trigger guard and one mark on the bottom of the reciever from where the forearm iron touches it, I do not have a case for this gun but I do have a Blaser Case that is in very good shape that I can include for an extra $150.00 I am asking $3950.00 for the Ljutic which included the PFS and the Tool+ Parts Kit and Instruction Booklet for the PFS... $3950.00 is the Price including shipping ( Lower 48 ) + $150.00 extra if you want the Blaser case. <a href="¤t=100_2981-1.jpg" target="_blank">
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