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Ljutic Inertia Lock Button Attachment

I picked this up at the club this morning as I thought one of our Ljutic shooting forum members would like to have it. The history of this button is really interesting. This curved attachment predates the one made and sold by Doug Wolk of Shotgun Specialties if any of you remember that product.

It “allegedly” was made at the now defunct Ford Automobile plant located in Fairfax, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. The story goes that Doug Walk saw this attachment on the gun of the man who worked at Ford while he was shooting at one of the Middletown Sportsman's Club shoots. He copied the design and for a while marketed a product to attach to the old style of lock buttons, such as the one shown in the attached photo. Unfortunately they have all but disappeared and are scarcer than an unopened beer at a KS-OKIE campsite.

You will note that the method of attachment is shown clearly in the photo. You would have to drill your existing button to mount this curved attachment. Yes, the curved attachment is already mounted on a Ljutic factory button. It will come to you that way. But I am selling this item as just the curved button attachment, Ljutic will not sell an inertia lock button. So just to be safe, the inertia lock button is just along for the ride, you are not paying for it, it is just to secure the attachment during shipment. (We did put the button in two mono guns and it functioned as it should, however if one were to use this button or any non-original it should be fitted by an expert.)

I gave the guy down at the club $125.00 for this piece. I thought that was fair as you just cannot buy these. I want no profit. It can be yours for what I paid plus a little for the mailman.

If no one wants this I will gladly keep it and use it on another Ljutic that crosses my path.

If you do want it, you know the drill. First “Ill Take It” will own it.

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