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***ljutic Banana gun***

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Does anyone have one of these guns, I know there could be a rust problem with the two barrel idea. I remember Al Ljutic shooting one of these years ago at the Spokane gun club. I had one and sold it, one of those deals I wish I should have thought about. Jerry
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I think over the years I've owned at least one of each model from the Mono-Gun thru the Space-Gun - except for two - the Bi-Matic and the Banana-Gun.
Ok, I'm really curious now. What was the Ljutic Banana Gun? Anybody have a picture you can share. I have seen the Bi-Guns and Space Guns but this is the first I have heard of these. Do tell.
I have one but don't shoot it anymore. As far as the rust between the two barrels, who cares? It would be hundreds of years before any corrosion in that environment would reduce the strength of the barrel enough to be a problem. Rust on guns is pretty much a cosmetic issue and you sure can't see any rust that might be in that area. I liked it because I could change the point of impact quickly between singles and HC. I now shoot a Ljutic 2 barrel set that also solves that problem.

jim brown
IT sure is a big sewer pipe of a gun but excellent design. I would like to have a modern version with a aluminum outer barrel to reduce weight or carbon fiber. Al was way ahead on that one. I shot one of my friends Banana guns and ran them all. That was the second time I shot a Ljutic and just ran them first was the space gun in the 80's
Nick Bare is one of 2 experts on this model Ljutic, the other is Bo Snider.

I saw both guns being shot by each individual 3-4 years ago at the same club.

What are the chances of seeing one of these unique model's much less 2 @ the same club ? Rare indeed.
You go up to Vancouver BC and you will see 50% of the Banana guns that were ever made. For whatever reason they were very popular with the Canadians. I could have sold mine up there more than one time.

If you really want to see something unusual and your ever at the Ljutic plant ask them to get the Spacegun with the Banana style barrel out of the safe.

Jim R
I was told by Nadine at one time that she thought they had made "about" 26 of them.

jim brown
Pics please. I am curious on what a banana gun is. Educate us please.
I'm in Arizona for the winter and the banana didn't come along so no pictures from here.

jim brown
It's a mono gun who's barrel is "encased" in a larger tube or shroud. The barrel's point of impact is "adjusted" up and down by bending it against the inside of the outer "shroud". They look like the shooter is shooting about an 8 ga. gun. Very odd looking on the trapline but a typically Al Ljutic unique design.

Al was the Salvadore Dali of firearms design .... a truly unique man.
Looks like this

Pipe Auto part Muffler Cylinder

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