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Limit IDs on

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David & Fellow Posters,

This is getting to be a very serious problem-puts all of our credibility on the line. This needs this seprate thread on I'm starting this new thread

should this site require only registered people with only one personnel ID and one business ID to post messages on this site?

although we have 1st amendment rights that are protected by the second amendment, we have to reduce some freedoms so that this democracy doesnt slander posters or make them looks like fools

thats my solution

What sayest you?

Regards from Iowa.

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David and I have discussed some of this. Such as requiring a valid email address for registration, as many. many sites on the Internet require. The password is then mailed to that address so someone is not trying to hide.

I would like to see a side bar for O/T and For Sale threads.

I think someone should only have ONE valid user ID, also.

Just my thoughts.

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