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Join us for the Library Sportsmen's Annual Christmas Ham Shoot!
Sunday, December 11th starting at 10 AM.
The club is located at: 6312 Route 88 South, Finleyville, PA. 15332
Excellent food and beverages will be available and a 50/50 Raffle.

The event is open to the public so bring your friends and join the camaraderie.

There will be three shooting games for all levels of shooters to win a Christmas Ham:
  • Lucky Target - $2.00 per shoot - ten shooters each have their own target, the BB closest to the center of the X, wins a ham.
  • Lucky X - $1.00 per shot - we sell 25 squares with each square having a X - The square with the BB closest to the center of the X wins a ham.
  • 10 Bird Trap - $5.00 per ten shots - two shots from each trap station - high scores wins a ham. A shoot-off for all ties.

Hope to see you there!

LSA Trap Committee
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