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For Sale Wenig LH New American stock and forend. A takeoff from an MX10 combo I purchased a couple of years ago. Stock and forend are free of cracks, dents etc. with good checkering which I had done.. The stock & forend were bought semi- finished and were not properly finished by the previous owner so both need finish sanding and a re-finish to look their best.

The forend had a poor in-letting job and required repairs shown in the pictures below. It functions properly and the forend has no cracks and matches the stock.

Dimensions are 1 7/16 at comb and 2 15/16 at the heel with 3/8 offset ( cast on).
unnamed (52).jpg unnamed (58).jpg
Price is $400.00 + shipping from 80116. PM any questions


1 - 5 of 5 Posts