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This rather brilliantly cuts thru all the political double speak we get.
It puts it into a much better perspective…..

Lesson # 1:
* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
* National debt: $19,271,000,000,000
* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

Let's now remove 8 zeros and pretend it's a household budget:
* Annual family income: $21,700
* Money the family spent: $38,200
* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $192,710
* Total budget cuts so far: $385

Got It ?????
OK now Lesson # 2:

Here's another way to look at the Debt Ceiling:

Let's say, You come home from work and find there has been a sewer
backup in your neighborhood....and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

What do you think you should do .....

Raise the ceilings, or pump out the crap?

Your choice is coming in November.

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The college educated idiots have been lied to so long they believe anything a demorat tells them.

If your so stupid you can't see thru this thug running for Pres. for the Demorats, your a complete moron that doesn't deserve to vote.

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Stl, better yet attack the Chinese and demand huge reparations and erase the debt(1.241 trillion) and take over their markets when it's over. Yea I know, but it's nice to dream.

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You have to make some effort to protect your savings, from
them (the dollar) becoming worthless. Easy said, not so easy
to do. Still, it is worth the effort.
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