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Thanks for the replies. Your inquires are appreciated. My dad had several 2 are definately with cast on and monticarlo combs They apear to be Wenigs work the third is a Wenig new American all have left hand palm swell. My father liked one of my new Americans and I know he ordered one.These were cut nearly 20 years ago but are not beat up or have dings. I will get some pictures and post them in the classified section.

Here are some pictures they were shot in typical bedroom light with a flash. I tried to give you as much visual info as I could. No scratches no dents no range bruses no cracks. The only faults are in the finish, There are some waves.
The kickez pad fits well with brass screw inserts . The left hand palm swell is comfortable I will deliver this stock by USPS prioriety for 425.00 delivered. I know what custom stocks cost and I feel this is a fair price.
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