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LED lighting for reoading press

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I found this on ebay, im cheap and am good with electronics so im just going to build my own, but after seeing this i thought i would show it to my fellow reloaders.
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Why, oh because im 47 and my eyes are for shit.
Here is the link to the manufacture.

Tim (Kansas)
"Why, oh because im 47 and my eyes are for shit." Good enough for me! LOL
LED's are cool. I like to be able to see what I'm doing wrong.
Went to the website. Very nice stuff.
Think I'll get a setup for my Dillon 650.
Oh, and I'm 69 so my eyes are shittier then SL900's.
Thanks for the post.
Mike C.
If I hadn't already rigged this up I'd be ordering one of those LED bars. The more light the better, especially when I want to keep an old eye on the flipping primers.

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I used a LED G-4 bulb replacement I found at Menards. It helps keeping a eye on flipped primers.

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For my Dillon 650, I found a little pocket 'worklight' that had a string of LEDs and a magnet. Sticks right to the case feeder support. Cost me $10.

Not sure how I'll light up the P-W. Been using a little articulated desk lamp, but I've got different sort of worklight to play with. They're on sale at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks.

@-AJKohler, Thanks for a good idea, they want $40.00 bucks for these on ebay and i sure wasent going to pay that, i was going to go to radioshitshack but even that scared me because of todays cost of living, what a great idea, gut out a led type work light, im going to start digging through the dollar bin at ace hardware and the dollar store,

Also im glad to see others ideas, and the fact that im not the only reloader here struggling to see my own reloading machine! lol.
To Pullit, on prior post, regarding tipped primers on a Spolar, there is a new primer cup available that you can easily install, which nearly eliminates tipped primers. I have not had a tipped primer in over 2,000 reloads. Call Robert at Spolars for the info. Bob
What kind of power is needed for these lights?
Dave P

The power supply for the G 4 replacement LED is 120 volt AC to 12 volt AC. I used a plug in power supply from a old phone answering machine. Solder the two wires to the posts on the LED assembly.

OK I'm hijacking. Anyone got any good ideas or solutions for flipped primers on a mec grabber? And I'm doing the led thing,maybe today. Bill in northern mi
Slayer, make sure you keep your seizing collet greased/oiled. When it dries out, it will snap open and make the primers flip.

Hope that helps you out.

Some people use grease, I use a product called Dri-Slide. I've been using it for years. I order it off of the internet.

I load about 10,000 rounds a year and only use about 1 can a year.

It comes in liquid or a aerosol type bottle, but I found the aerosol type bottle to work best. I also use it on the friction points of the loader and it works just great.

thanks hauxfan. I have started using kroil the same way that you described and am getting better results. Bill
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