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Leather shell carrier on plane TSA ?

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Any problems carrying a leather shell carrier in hand-carry luggage going through TSA security and boarding a commercial airline plane ?

Any problem carrying a nylon shooting vest in hand-carry baggage ?

Yes, all loaded and empty shells have been removed.

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You might get sniffed and have nitrates detected. Billy
It's clothing, should not be a problem unless they swab for explosives residue which is doubtful.

I have a lot of metal in me and get frisked every time. They always test me for nitrates.
You may get pulled over for a secondary inspection, but other then that...
Shouldn't be a problem, I have used a wild hare shooting bag as a carry on many time. Gun powder doesn't set off any alarms.
A shooting bag and vest? Are you travelling with a gun? If I were, I'd put em with the checked baggage. Obviously nothing wrong with carrying them but I just don't need any hassle to add to my already pissy attitude when flying.

Made it through TSA security with the shooting vest and leather shell carrier in the hand-carry roller-board without any problem or question.

They didn't even ask if it was for # 7½ or # 8's.

Now we'll see if my checked-in gun makes it.

Should pose no problems, especially if flying out of EWR- Newark NJ, TSA missed another bomb this week.
Son-in-law pulled aside by sniff tester, but said Father-in-law reloaded not much else done. D winter
I keep my vest, ear plugs and glasses in the carry-on all the time. Never had an issue. Ear plugs are a slice of heaven when you have a cranky toddler on board.

If they ask you what they are do not say the words shell, ammo, gun etc. tell them it is a lite weight jacket and the shell bag is a phone carrier or something like that.
I always have had my shooting vest that I use for doubles and my leather box carrier along with hull bag and towel on a leather belt in my carry on. This is in case they miss place my checked bag. This has happen a few times and I was able to still feel comfortable with my stuff, rather than having to borrow or buy new stuff. Just make double sure that all loaded shells are removed.

I also have my ear plugs in my carry on.

So far very little problems with TSA, sometimes they will hand check the bag and most often the x-ray is enough.

just don't try to carry on the choke tubes

I flew at least twice from SAT to PIH with roughly 1000 empty Remington hulls in my checked luggage, packed several hundred per bag in Remington plastic wad bags, so I wouldn't worry at all about nitrate residue. Also I never had a problem checking my shotguns at PIH, SAT, or GEG. One flight, booked with frequent flier miles, went PIH - SLC - ATL - SAT on the outbound with tight connections, and SAT - DFW - SLC - PIH on the inbound, and my guns arrived with me. I wouldn't worry about it.

I was under the impression that you are a high-milage frequent flier who's done a lot of international travel with your guns.

Yes, Pocatello, I have probably done as much air travel as most.

And I have done international travel with guns.

But I have never carried "gun stuff" like a shooting vest or cartridge carriers in carry-on baggage.

Have always checked those items.

This time I put those items -- shooting vest, shell box carriers, etc -- in my hand-carry.

Of course, the gun itself was checked-in.

No problems arose with any of it.

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