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LACC Game Disciplines 4/7

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First protection winners; 1st place- Tim Moss/Randy Kreug 20x20
2nd place- Brian Willet/Steve Olvitt 18x20

Second protection winners; 1st place- George Coffey/Steve Olvitt 20x20
2nd place- Randy Kreug/Tim Moss 18x20 S/O

Mini-shuffle winner; 1st place- Randy Kreug & Steve Olvitt 20x20 S/O split-attrition won. Good job fellas!
2nd place- Tom Bouma 18x20 S/O

First Shuffle Winners; 1st place- Steve Olvitt/Roger Cook 10x10 S/O
2nd place- Dave Cook/Rangy Kreug 10x10 S/O
Second Shuffle winners; 1st place- Randy Kreug/Steve Olvitt 10x10 S/O
2nd place- Tom Bouma/Aaron Shearer 8x10

LACC would like to say thank you to all the trapshooters on a very pleasant evening. And the competition events witnessed excellent shooting from very talented and LACC SUPPORTIVE(!) game shooters! I'm extremely grateful that I was able to make our treasurer HAPPY as well! Whew!

Oh! Second place again Aaron. What! What!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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