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My first Krieghoff was a 1985-vintage KS-5 Scroll Arabesque grade I bought used in 1990. There was only something like 35 of them made and when they didn't sell well at about $1,500 less than a K-80 with one barrel, Krieghoff International discontinued high-grade KS-5s. I later bought a KS-5 Special with the older receiver design; I gave it to our son when the later receiver design Specials came out and subsequently traded it on one of the first KX-5s to enter the country. They all were great guns with such a simplistic action that they very rarely break.

If equipped with a release hook (my first one was), the early ones could be changed from pull to release by adjusting the screws in the trigger but KI later started making those screws non-adjustable for product liability reasons. That gun was a great backup gun as it had an adjustable comb and butt plate adjustable for LOP and angle so with the changeable trigger it could be set up for anyone who had a breakdown. They suck at shooting doubles though...

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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