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Krieghoff K-80 Sporter 30” Barrel Includes: • Original Wood plus Performance Fit Stock Custom Painted by Lucio (Dark Metallic Grey) includes second forearm wood

• Barrels and 5 choke tubes patterned & tuned for Sporting Clays by Ken Eyester/Heritage Firearms

• Pull and Release trigger components

• Original Krieghoff Americase, choke wrench, Manuals, etc.

• Excellent Condition / Photos available

• $5500 with both Stocks or $5000 with either stock plus shipping to your FFL or pickup in Metro Detroit Suburbs. Contact me with any questions or for more photos.

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Just a fair honest price for a great gun. I want to sell it and overpricing is not going to work.
The K80 is in 100% perfect working condition, a great patterning gun set up for Sporting Clays.
The Bluing is 100%, the Custom Painted PFS plus the forearm are 100%.
The wood is basic grade with a few nicks but the finish is still excellent as is the recoil pad.
Shipping will add about $100-150 to the price based on Beretta 682 with PFS & Wood I just shipped to TX.
I am always willing to accept a higher price.....:arms:
More info on the K-80:
Barrels are ported, patterned and tuned (along with chokes) by Ken Eyster/Heritage Gunsmiths in Ohio .
See this thread: Not allowed to send by system'
All tubes are marked indicating Upper or Lower Barrel, Amount of constriction such as .015, a ID # such as SC1, as well as the distance in yards that the choke was tuned for such as 15-25 yards.

I have not shot the gun since 2010 and it has been stored in my safe.

Just prior to 2010 I sent the K80 into Marlette Fine Firearms/Gunsmiths (Ernest Marlette) - Ernest Marlette is one of the Finest Krieghoff Gunsmiths in the Country.
The following work was performed at that time:

1 .Full Annual Service with all new Springs
2. Barrel, pins, and forearm iron reblued - Still in near perfect condition.
3. Receiver polished ( I chose not to send it back to Krieghoff ULM for refinishing due to extreme cost and time delays) Equivalent plating not available in USA at the time.
4. Triggers adjusted to just under 4 lbs.
Total cost: $600.00
Hope this helps - Ken
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