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Kolar unsingle

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I have a kolar max trap t/a low profile for sale. Probably doesn’t have 100 rounds since I sent it to the factory for a rebuild. 34 inch barrel with tubes. I have 3 muller tubes u 2,u3,u4 and one kolar tube. 740 bore its ported and has a gracoil recoil reducer. I think the stock is as straight as kolar makes one maybe number 1 or 2. It’s a tank of a gun and in very nice shape. $6500.00 I’ll pay shipping to your FFL.


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Krieghoff k80 trap special
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this gun was never a combo gun. It does have 2 firing pins and a set of over and under barrels could be added. Im not sure whats the difference between the t/a and a t/c I cant even find a t/c on kolars website
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