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So a few questions I've had, first I am not an expert on this item:
I have had it for at least 15 years.
The barrel described is included.
I have used it on my Beretta 682, 12 ga frame.
I have since purchased an additional Beretta 682 two barrel set, and no longer use this set.

Kolar Tube Set for Beretta 680 series.
Beretta 30” 12ga bbl, 680 series.
410, 28 and 20 ga. Barrel inserts with interchangeable chokes.
Hard Case. Tools as shown including case keys.
Chokes: 12ga: Two chokes for Kolar barrel inserts tubes, along with F, IM, M and IC flush mobile chokes. (6 total)
20 ga: Marked: O-.006, O-.009, O-014, U-.005, U-.009 (4 total)
28 ga: Marked: O-.006, O-.012, U-.006, U-.009 (4 total)
410 ga: Marked: O-.006, O-.012, U-.006 (3 total)

$1600 shipped in CONUS, payment USPS money.
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Randy the barrels from the factory have jeweled silver side mono blocks the mono block on your barrel set is blue or black in color with no jeweling also that era of barrels did not have a high luster blued finish.Nothing wrong with your barrel set I was just curious as to who did the reblue work on your barrel set.
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