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Kolar trap question

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I know of the potential this thread could turn but curiosity has bitten me hard...I mostly see K80's, CG's, & Ljutic's for sale or having a particular problem but don't see much for sale or trouble discussions of Kolar's. so here goes.......

1. Would you recommend owning one?
2. What are the known issues with them?

Thanks in advance.

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100% absolutely YES.

Kolar Guns are perceived by many to be "heavy" but most of that is the older .740 barrels. The .750s are about 5-6 oz lighter and are very responsive.

For similar $$ to a Krieghoff or Perrazi you can get a 100% AMERICAN MADE Kolar in any combination of barrel length, choice of fixed step-rib or three different heights of adjustable ribs, over 25 stock selections, Americase and more. Want a custom stock? Just spend a day in Racine, WI and 8-10 weeks later you will have a one-of a kind custom fitted stock for a very reasonable upcharge.

Check out the new MAX AAC Combo!

Customer service is above and beyond. Owner and President both respond to any need.

You cannot find a better value anywhere!

Newly updated Kolar website:

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What Stonewallracing said. Doesn't get any better than Jeff, Keith & the Racine gang. AAA customer service, period.
StonewallRacing X 3. Bill Malcolm
I own a Guerini Magnus, Ljutic Mono Gun and a Kolar TC.

All are fabulous guns.

I will give a car comparison. The Guerini is like shooting a sports car, very nimble with a very quick swing. The Ljutic is comparable to driving an SUV. The Kolar is like swinging a dump truck.

That being said, I shoot the Kolar in all tournaments. I like the heavy gun and once you start moving the gun on hard rights or lefts it is almost impossible to stop your swing and shoot behind the target due to the weight.

All three companies offer outstanding customer service. The two American guns are built like tanks. I also like that the Ljutic and Kolar have "pop out" triggers. Guerini, however, offers the three free "pit stops" and that is very attractive.

Same experience as Stonewall and the others, here. I went to Racine and have a wonderfully fit gun, by Jeff Mainland, one of the best in the industry. The reason you don't hear about Kolars breaking is because they don't. I've had a few service changes made and the gun is usually back in a week...kolar service is that good.


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I have owned every brand of combo made and I now have a Kolar Max T/A low profile and it is great.
Everything everyone has said. Top notch in every form and while they are a mechanical device and things can break they are as bullet proof as any gun made. I have several friends with them and nobody has had a problem what so ever.
I have a Kolar trap gun and a Kolar skeet gun; best ones I ever owned. The craftsmanship they employ is way ahead of all the other guns out there.
I have been to the Kolar shop a few times and they couldn't be nicer. The head gunsmith goes way over and above. They are Mid-Westerners; you can't expect less!
Best in the business!
Stone Wall hit it on the head.At the end of January, I flew up for a fitting and new stock. I took the tour of the shop and was impressed to say the least.It was nice to see an upbeat American work force making a top notch product.I really got the American pride vibe going. The Kolar people will do anything you want.You want a .750 bore on one barrel and a .735 on the other, no problem.They will do it.The guns are well built, simple to service, and strong customer service shold you need it.Go for it, you won't regret it.
I have a Kolar T/A Max, and all that StoneWallRacing said, I agree with. That being said, it is typically harder to sell/trade a Kolar, and the resale price can be lower. I have a theory on that. I had the gun made to me by flying out to Racine. Who would want a gun custom fit to my odd dimensions? OTOH, why in the heck would I ever want to sell mine?

If you're the type that likes a new gun every few years, perhaps you'll be better off financially with a P-gun or the other K-gun. I love my Kolar, and it really helped me improve my shooting. I'll be passing it on to my son, who, fortunately, is of similar build.
to answer your questions

1) Absolutely! Best gun purchase I've ever made bought it new from the Factory had the stock custom made WOW is the only word that comes to mind when describing my trip to the factory in Wis.

2) Known problems.. Wear, Extreme wear ... Rather the lack there of...I can't seem to wear mine out.. I really want to get a new MAX T.A. But I can't wear my 2007 gun out ??!!!even though I've tried with just over 70,000 rounds through it.. I've only had it in for one check up, at the grand while I was there...When I asked Keith how bad it looks he just laughed and said You haven't even started to break it in yet...
I have the TC combo. Very happy with the gun and can't think of a single negative other than they don't come cheap. This is probably not the gun for a new shooter but rather something to look into after you shoot several seasons with lower quality guns. Helps appreciate what you get with a Kolar.

I don't have any regrets on buying the TC and I would highly recommend one to the advanced shooter.
I had one of the first ones when they came out, bought it from Hal Dupont they put the release in right there, I bought the un-single and I needed the highest shooting rib, they put it on right there.

I personally do not like the .750 bore, but that is my preference, I personally believe the .740 bore is the perfect bore for a 12 gauge, that is why Al Ljutic used the .740 bore.

The Kolar is like the best of the top selling guns, Trigger like a perazzi, locking up is like a Beretta, Adj POI like a K-80.

All American made, I went to Racine for a fitting.

I owned several of them, they are heavier than most trapguns, but that gives less recoil.

Keith, Jeff and Don are the best to work with, I spent the whole day there and O got the grand tour, and their humidity controlled Stock Blank room is
state of the art.

You just got to see the Programmable Stock Machine in action w/ multiple axis
cutting tools, tool goes in wood is turning and it is shaped, tool backs off head twists to 2nd cutting and the stock is inletted, each tool does it's thing, Bingo you have stock ready for comb cutting, and stock sanding finishing and checkered.

I saw the plasma cutter cutting hammers and it will run all night making them, if something goes wrong machinist is called at home to come in.

I shot mine in the tunnel. I shoot a high gun and they had to lower the target
as my shot was hitting the top of the tunnel.

Different dealers offer different pricing, so check them all. Personally I like to deal with Aaron Willoughby and Pete McCall.

They last a lifetime They take a licking and keep on ticking.

Gary Bryant
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I'm entering my 15th year as a Kolar owner and shooter. Two combos during this time. I got the second one because I wanted the custom fit by the master,Jeff. The only "problem" was a little trouble with the double release,on the first one, being a little different than I prefered. This was immediately corrected by Keith. Great product, great people, great service, what more can anyone ask. Clyde Courtwright
"I will give a car comparison. The Guerini is like shooting a sports car, very nimble with a very quick swing. The Ljutic is comparable to driving an SUV. The Kolar is like swinging a dump truck."

Now you painted a picture we can all see...very nice!
Love my Kolar, Jeff fitted me at the Grand, a few weeks later I was shooting the best gun I ever owned. Mine is a .740 bore. Sure its heavy but with the proper fit of the stock there is no recoil felt at all! I have only had mine 3 years and about 4500 rounds there have been no problems at all. Buy one you will be glad you did. Terry
I believe it to be the finest trap gun on the market today. This is a target breaking machine. And the really good thing is that after they play the "Star Spangled Banner" you can walk to the line with made in the USA in your hands.
First the good. I can't see owning anything other than a Kolar. I have had my Max T/A for exactly one year and went from struggling at the 22 yard line, to getting back to the 27 in 9 months, and shooting my first 100 and 200 straights in singles. However the gun was not without faults. I had to send it back twice for the same misfire issues. They deepened the firing pin pockets and changed firing pins the second time around at no charge other than freight. Problem has not reoccurred just wish they would have done it right the first time around! Gary F
I've been trying to sell Jeff on the "buy 3 and get one free" but so far he's not biting. LOL

Kolar shooter since 2004.
Bought a new Kolar T/S two months ago It's a .750 and stock made for my LOP. It's a wonderful gun to shot. It's a keeper for life
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