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Kolar TC - doubles barrel

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I have a Kolar TC with the 34" unsingle and 32" double barrels. I have realized I am only interested in singles and shooting games. I don't need the doubles barrel as it just sits in the safe. I really like the gun itself. My question: would I be better off trying to sell just the doubles OR selling the entire combo and purchasing a used TS? A longshot plan would be trading for TS along with some cash? What is a value range of TC barrel by itself? I'm not trying to sell in this section and would sell in the for sale area if I decide to go that direction. Thnx.
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T/s won't be quite the same as your t/c. It's more of a high rib top single vs your unsingle. I have a t/c and couple years ago I switched the rib out on the unsingle for the max t/a high rib and haven't shot the o/u since. I would keep it a set. I picked up a max t/a high rib combo set last summer to be a back up singles gun and mainly use that one to shoot doubles since the rib configuration matches.
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