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Have for sale a fully adjustable LBtrap stock for a Kolar. While these guys have stocks floating around Europe and the US this is the only grip that I know of that's been made for a Kolar.
Fantastic stock, high quality, just going a different direction with my shooting and looking to sell it.

While I had it on the low rib (shown in photos) I wouldn't see any issue with using it on the high rib model either. Flip the drop adapter around and it raises it...then maybe a washer to tweak under the comb and you should be in business.

Includes full stock, spare parts, height washers, allen wrench, hard case, grip/receiver bolt, additional offset post, and additional cast adapter. (0.7 and 1.5 degree both included).
The drop adapter is the 3.6 degree one.

When I bought the stock I had Christen give me spare fasteners for everything on the stock just in case I dropped one or something at a shoot.

I was looking for some extra adjustment on the comb and had an offset post made up to test moving the comb further over. That extra post is included as well.

I think they said the grip is their standard large. I would say I have average male hands but can compare pics of ruler on hand to any potential buyers.

The center tube is hollow and has a threaded blocker plate in it so you can add weight in the tube and then screw down the blocker so that what ever you put in it doesn't move. Helps you dial in the balance of the gun...add some weight for recoil if you want.

All fasteners on the stock are tapered so they don't come loose. I shot the stock for 6 months of high volume shooting and not once was any fastener loose. These guys really did spend a lot of time designing it right.

Christen (owner of the company) has been really easy to communicate with and has been quick to get me adapters or swap out adapters to get my fit where I wanted it (had a drop adapter that I mailed and he mailed me one to swap).

This stock fits on serial number 3280 and up with no issue.
Starting on serial number 3280 (april 2010) Kolar changed the how big the back flat of the receiver is. If you want to use it on an earlier gun a stock fitter needs to make one minor cut on the inlet to fit it. Not a huge deal but wanted to make sure any potential buyer isn't surprised.

LBtrap website:

Asking $2500 for everything listed/shown in first/second photo.

Tool Metalworking hand tool


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Gun Rifle Firearm Shotgun Trigger

Gun Firearm Shotgun Trigger Wood

Gun Firearm Shotgun Wood Air gun

Parts diagram from the website:
Text Line Diagram
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