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K 80 misfire?

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Call Ottsville---I have 2 and never had a misfire---gL---SJB
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Gun Clubs? They had many batches with slightly indented primers

Did the barrel on the gun ever get fitted to the gun btw?

Regards from Iowa

Check headspace, check which ejector pops when you open the gun. Don't forget to check your shells as Gene said!!
maybe broken firing pin- when it rotates it ends up short but then it might come back into alignment again

Have a gunsmith check it

Regards from Iowa


PS- check your reloads for primer appearance though-- you might have seated a deep primer now and then

Regards from Iowa

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Try using AA's, Remingtons, and maybe Federal shells to see if it continues. If so, send to Ottsville. Your new K-80 should be under warrenty.
I have seen several estate shells with the primer set to deep to fire in the last year I had two in one round at the Iowa state shoot last year. I won the shells there but I wouldn't buy any.
I have an older K80 (1999) it started missfiring once in maybe 100 then once in 50 or so. I took to Phillips gunsmithing and he had to replace some pins, that took care of it. It probably had close to 100,000 rounds though it before a gunsmith ever looked at it.
If you have a release trigger, make sure the wood in the pistol grip has been relieved around the tirgger mechanism.

Look at your firing pin with a magnifying glass. it should look shiny and smooth. If it is chipped or not as described above it's bad. If you shoot Factory NEW shells other than GM-STS or AA you will have problems punching through the primers and burning the pins. If you reload using a Cheditte type primer will cause the same problem. WIN-FED-REM 209's will not give you problems.

Krieghoff has a free firing pin fix if you want to shoot anything other than Premium shells.
A lady Krieghoff rep told me at the 2012 Grand that K-80`s do not necessarily need annualed every year. Braxton verified this.

They gauge the annual tune-up by the number of times the gun was shot since the last annual.

I don`t remember the number of firings for which they gauge a tune up, (Ottsville can tell you) but mine was about halfway through their cycle.

Will have them check it again next year.
Don't take your gun anywhere. Primer problems happened with Estates and Top Guns in some of last year's batches. They'll make them good and I understand the problem was solved and all is well.

Federal and the other American ammo companies have all proven, to me at least, that they are all honorable and react to problems with the customers in mind. All companies have problems ..... It's how they react to them that separates the best from the also ran.
"fly" above has it right. The worst offenders I've seen are RIOs. They can fry firing pins, making them brittle and they can get small fractures and chips in them, causing misfires.
Look at the primers from that barrel. If the fireing pin dent is light then I would say its the hammer spring.
Cock gun. Break it down until you've got only the receiver and stock. Turn up and place EMPTY shell on breech face lower barrel standing up. Pull trigger. If empty shell rises several feet look elsewhere for problem. Do same thing with top barrel for comparison. Practice makes perfect. Now wasn't that easy!!
K80 and the bottom barrel

Rare occurrence with Winchester or Remington (not gun club) shells

a lot of other factory ammo will cause this. B&P sub sound notorious Kemen and rio also, sometimes Estate will be an issue

The gun clubs a couple of years ago swithed to a cheap primer that was very hard and did not fire in a lot of guns

The have gone back to a more softer reliable primer last year

I sent my K80 to Ottsville and they put a longer firing pin in the bottom barrel, this helped a lot but not 100%
Are you using release triggers. If so, I've had the same problem and found that I'm not releasing my finger completely after the first shot and not holding the gun tight against my shoulder. This causes the recoil to let my finger pull the second trigger.

Steve Hays
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