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%%%K-80 FILET MIGNON%%%%

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Sorry for the pun, couldn't help my self. Just got it back and wanted to brag. I'd like to thank H.P. Weiller for the wood, Bob Lowman for the receiver, Pacific Sporting Arms for the barrels, my mother for always believing in me and, and I just know I'm forgetting someone, well anyway thanks to all the little people that made this dream a reality, Jack
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Whoever did the checkering is truly an Artist! :) Nice! Congrats!

That takes my breath away.

Very nice, beautiful wood and checkering.
Hey, Academy award winner, they might get the hook and pull you off stage for going on and on...that was funny!

All kidding aside, that is one beautiful gun!!! Good luck with it.
Guys, thanks so much for the comments. It shoots as good as it looks. Just having a little fun showing it off. Jack
Too much marble for a filet, more like prime rib eye!
Very special Jack! Who ever laid out the checkering has a good eye, and the workmanship looks great.

WOW! You should wear clean white cotton gloves when you handle that gun. It is beautiful.
Too nice for real work,.you need to drag her behind the pickup for a couple blocks to give her some charactor marks
Jack, I talked to HP today. Since he went to all the trouble to smuggle the wood blank out of Transylvania in a back pack and he had to grind the vampire tooth marks off the wood, you need to upgrade the receiver at least up to the new Vintage Scroll. However I will concede that in it's current state you have one of the coolest 410 32" over and unders on the planet. Thanks for showing it to me at Redlands. Bob
Bob, thanks. wish I could take some of the credit, but as you know all the talent and vision used to create this beauty belongs to HP. Jack
I have held in my sweaty hands, guns with stocks by Wenig, Hillmer, Devault, Simms, and the original Dockweiler. HP apprenticed under Dockweiler and I have to say that HP is probably one of the best stockmakers in the country at this time. Bob
Anyone have a Vintage Scroll receiver they want to loan or maybe rent to me for a little while? I'll get it back to you shortly, or so. just need it for pictures and well, maybe, shoot a little and, oh, what the hell, you'll never get it back but think how good it will look with this wood. other grades may be accepted but, will considered on a case by case basis. thanks, Jack
Looks more like Filet Mignon and Maine lobster tail with a glass of Dom. Romane Conte 1997 to me.

Beautiful !!!

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