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Just an observation of shooting related threads

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Just an observation

Not a huge amount of posts on here get over 1000 looks and a lot fewer get to 2000 looks. Some lookers can't stand Dr. Longshot, you can't wait to change his handle to something derogatory and be disrespectful of his posts and basically seem to hate him and make fun of him.

I just noticed that as of now he has 4 posts on here with over 2500 looks. I believe he has you folks hooked, kind of like the Pied Piper and you just can't help but to follow his posts. Also he signs his name to all of his posts and he doesn't hide behind a handle.

I say Dr. keep up the good work and lead the boys and girls to the promised

LOL Dave
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Gary may wig out now and then, but he's always thinking about some variation to ATA's format, nothing wrong here. Dr. L also has a very large paddle and loves to stir the pot and stir he does. He must be a great fisherman based on the number of readers who chomp on his bait at mere flick of his wrist.

We are not all there because we are "fans," Dave. I just look at his posts to correct all the totally off the wall stuff he writes in case anyone believes him. I also have to check to see what crazy things he's writing about me, too.

He's a constant source of misinformation and if you don't believe that, Dave, you haven't read much of what he writes. Look about all that blather about Dram Equivalents. He thinks that wishing his erroneous ideas were true will make them true. But it won't, he is just endlessly dead wrong, year after year, over and over again, and he will not shut up. Can you knock a little fact into his head?

For example, just two days ago he asked

"Neil did you or did you not have any interjections on the for or against the 2 hole target when you were president? Seems it was in the minutes of thye ATA meeting."

Now come on, Dave, isn't that just completely nuts? It's not English; it makes no sense; there was nothing about it any any minutes because it's totally make-believe - just more of his imaginary crap. Personally, I hate to waste my time even reading what he runs on about, but since he loves to "name" me, I have to just to put out fires. I have better ways to spend my time than pointlessly and unnecessarily burning it up it on him and his ravings. I see no "upside" to Dr. Longshot at all.

Just an observation

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I think if you really look at every thread with more than ten posts you are going to see what you describe. LOL
That is funny right there. LOL.
It could also be that 2450 of the 2500 "views" is just the Dr. giving a look at himself lol. John
Thanks Dave, I firmly believe in 3 hole targets, thrown 50-52 yards, and shot at with the ORIGINAL 1200 fps shells of the 1970s,

The souped up shells along with soft 46-48 yd targets, 34 degree and less angles, just to get them scores of the REAL GOOD GUYS and a false average.

Neil is full of BS when he does not know the answer he throws out graphs anyone can draw.

I spent more time on the 27 yard line than Neil has been a member, along w/Flargato and Big Don. If they shot any 3 hole targets it was a very, very, few of them.

Me being 71+ years old pounded my grudge match person that is much younger than me in the ground on 30 Yard Targets, he says he beat me on the 25 yd targets, but mind you I used 1200fps shells and he admits he was using 1235 fps shells, I was asked by numerous people why I did not use the Winchester Super handicap shells? I told them to read the post in i-trapshooter we were supposed to use 1200 fps shells, He did not, and is trying to justify beating me on the 25 yard line, he could not shoot his way out of a paper bag.

Neil still challenges me on shell speed and dram equivalent,

3 dram is 1200 fps

3 1/4 dram is 1255 fps all of these are 1 1/8th oz loads

3 1/2 dram is 1290 fps

These are the shell mfgrs designation.

Neil cannot dazzle me, but he sure seems to dazzle a lot of you posters.

I caught Neil in a lie when he said he attended the big calcuttas held in Stubenville Ohio in the 1970s, And he was not even an ATA member until the early 1980s, check him out on shooter information center.

John Winget who has passed away pointed this out on this web site, as he used to help run that shoot, these were the largest paying calcutts ever.

Neil could not believe the patterns I posted w/my Caesar Guerini Choke tubes
So I posted the paper patterns stipulated the shot size, wad, and powder charge on reloads, and followed up with new factory shells, well tonight I broke the long bird that has gone un broken for the last 3 -4 weeks w/my Caesar Guerini and got 40% of the pot.

Neil does not like anyone to challenge him or doubt him, ask Neil did he support the 2 hole target rule, and ask him about the Phil Kiner subject
given to him and watch him squirm and ramble.

I like challenges so give it a try at Cardinal Center on Olympic Trap @ 27 yards if they will do that for a money raiser @ $25.00 per 25 targets
Contact OSTA President about it, I have only shot it one time so I have not practiced up on it.

Gary Bryant Real name and life member ATA 40-10126
Dr.longshot Name given to me on my testing of reloads w longshot
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Wow, Doc! Good for you on the long bird win. How long was the yardage you were shooting? Btw, I am always interested in patterns. Did you post them on this site? If so, I guess I missed them. Can you post them again with the details, distance, yardage, components, speed, etc. etc. Why did you follow up with factory shells, were you performing a comparison test of some sort? As far as posting your observations, keep it up. I usually find your posts entertaining if not enlightening. Remember some people called Leonardo Devinci strange with all his experimenting.
trapshooter aa27aa: No hdcp targets shot in last 5 years, 600 singles in last 5 years His quotes LMAO another Michiganite Directions go north till you smell it, turn west until you step in it.

And a newbie joined in 1991 22 yrs Vs 45 yrs I have over twice the exp.
Check him out on Shooter Information site, the truth comes out.

Maybe a Big Don wannabe, ask Flagrato to preach you a sermon he said he was a retired or retarded minister, he sets a good example of a minister, maybe he went to Obama's church in Chicago, probably voted for him too.

Dr Longshot would you care to share your longshot data? Thanks
Mr. Berlet;

I liken Dr. Longshot's post's to witnessing a train wreck. You know there is going to be a disaster but you can't help yourself. You just have to watch.

The fact I read his post's is for entertainment purposes only. I feel everyone need's to laugh a little each day and his post's offer me that. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think Mr Berlet may be pretty good at casting bait, but anyone that thinks LS isn't absolutely serious when he makes claims such as "1250 + 90 = 1340 fps" shells are legal for ATA... well, to be polite I'll just say they are kidding themselves.
Doc L enjoys pulling chains. Like making someone get a rise, fool. If you get whipped up over his threads, to bad. Everyone has an opinion and for every opinion he hands out, three more opinions claim he's wrong. So, take your pick. If you can't take the heat and your skin is a little soft around the edges don't open his threads.
I can remember not all that long ago when everyone would laugh and say things that were not very flattering about another poster (grammie) and its turns out in the end he might of just been right about most of the things he said ... He must of said something way out of line with a comment or something he said that got him expelled, so the story goes ... Some of the things grammie said may of been comical or way out but for the most part he was right on most of the time ... There are those today that miss him and others never will ...

I was talking to my Nephew who served 4 tours in the Middle East, (Special Forces) in the course of the conversation he said they could tell you what the enemy had for breakfast when they found where they were hiding ... I just about fell out of my chair remembering grammie saying something to that effect and everyone made fun of him ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
Ken Brandt said it well, at least from my perspective of the good DR. Longshorts--although I like Jerry's title of Longblow better, much more appropriate.

I couldn't agree with Mr. Winston more and miss his postings and don't blame him for not contributing anymore. When a new shooter asks about POI, etc. where does everyone send him--right to the package Neil put together for us a few years ago.

And for WPT, even Grammie whom I miss greatly must be astonished at where this country is at today and quickly sliding downhill.

This thread has great entertainment potential, thank you Dave. LMAO
27AA: Wow, Longshot really got to you! I can hear him chuckling now. I hope you don't blow a head gasket.
Clyde D
Ken Brandt (train wreck) pretty well summed up my thoughts on LS. Although once in a while he does make you stop and think. Ross Puls
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