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I got this message from a group (Human Events) I am signed up with to receive emails.... I thought you all might be interested.....and anyone who is NOT an NRA member at this time, needs to join.......they need all the help they can get so that they can help us.......

This is their letter:

Know this with all certainty:

Your gun rights will come under attack in the next four years.
NRA Reduces Membership Price for Human Events Readers

Dear Human Events Reader,

Obama, Pelosi and Holder are not advocates for the 2nd Amendment and they have long records of assaulting your right to keep and bear arms.

"Never in our nation's history have we had an incoming President and Vice President more supportive of strong gun laws. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence strongly endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket, and for good reason."

—Brady Campaign

Translation -- We have the biggest antigun administration ever elected in the United States. Now it is time to go after the 2nd Amendment and no one can stop us.

"Unfortunately, unlicensed sellers are permitted by law to sell firearms with no background check whatsoever."

—Eric Holder to the WASHINGTON POST, Oct. 25, 2001.
Attorney General of the United States as of February 2, 2009

What does this mean to you? If you sell your gun to a friend without a firearms dealer license and without performing a background check you are a criminal. Want to leave your .22 rifle to your grandson? You legally can't because of firearm transfer restrictions. It will become government property and then destroyed.

Think attacks on your 2nd Amendment rights will stop there?
How about taxes of thousands of dollars on guns or ammo? It was proposed when Bill Clinton was in office.
If you own a gun without 'Smart Gun Technology' you will have an illegal weapon. By the way, your guns currently don't have this technology.
Like to hunt? One administration official wants to apply animal abuse laws to stop you.

What can you do to prevent the erosion of your rights? Join the NRA.

Since 1871 there has been one sentinel for 2nd Amendment freedom: The National Rifle Association.

We have partnered with the NRA to offer you a full NRA membership at a discounted rate. For $25 a year, or less than 7 cents a day, you can protect your gun rights and send the message Charlton Heston gave to gun grabbers once before, “From My Cold Dead Hands!”

Your membership includes:
Your choice of American Rifleman, American Hunter or America's 1st Freedom magazine Save $10 -- Join Now!
AD&D insurance and insurance protection for stolen firearms
A $25,000 life insurance policy for active law enforcement officers
Uncompromising support for the protection of the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution

Just click here to be directed to your special NRA sign up page.

Join today, extend your membership or give a membership as a gift.

The Second Amendment is America's Original Homeland Security provision protecting us since 1791. Let's not let it slip away and let's ensure that it is not taken from us.

Join the NRA and SAVE $10 on a 1 Year Membership!

Michael W. Piccione
Michael W. Piccione
Eagle Publishing, Special Products Director

Join Now!
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