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J&P Springs for BT-99, my experience!

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My experience with J&P Springs on both of my BT-99's. I ordered the springs online and 2 days latter I received them.

I documented my trigger pull weights on each gun prior to taking them apart. I disassembled the receivers completely and cleaned them, finding them both to be filthy. I did one at a time and they were put back together with the new main springs (Hammer Springs) to some people. I checked the trigger pull weights again and found both had went up an average of 7 ounces. I expected that because of the new springs that replaced the old worn weaker ones.

I have a couple of photos of the old and new springs. The 2 shorter springs are out of my 1977 (RR) and 1978 (RP) BT-99's that have been shot many thousands of rounds each. The new spring (Longest of the 3) is shown along side of them. The old springs are 3 1/2" long and the new ones from J&P are 4 1/8" long. You can see the amount of set the old springs took in the photo. Any coils springs over time will take a set and become shorter especially if left compressed. Jim says his springs are made no longer than the original Browning springs. They are just made out of better material and will last longer. I have no reason to doubt him.


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I agree with Tron.

I ordered 2 sets of springs for my BT-99's. When they came there was a set for a BT-100 and a set for a BT-99.

I saw there were 2 addresses in my shipping info, so I called to see where I should send the 100 set for replacement.

Jim asked me if I had a friend that shot a BT-100. I told him I did. He said to give the springs to him, and he would send me a correct set. He said I shouldn't be bothered returning something that was their mistake.

When I got the package from Jim in two days there were 2 sets of 99 springs and a note of apology for the error.
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