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300 + views (now up over 500) and no one has posted any questions. Wonder why ? I've actually been looking, on and off, for a 4E. Here are some things I'd want to know:

1. To do a face to face, it'd be nice to know where the gun is located. I shouldn't have to look up your area code to find out.

2. I want to know its age, which could be looked up if you provided a serial #.

3. "Nice" is an inadequate description. Much more detail is needed for a gun of this vintage.

4. Frankly, this post is nearly useless without any photographs. I don't even know if you have any to offer prospective buyers, because you don't say "photos on request".

5. With all due respect to Skeets, do they specialize in servicing / repairing Ithaca ? They are not the first name I think of for servicing vintage Ithacas. What, specifically, does "gone over" mean ? Were repairs done ? Springs replaced ? etc.

6. Is it a Flues model or a Knick ? (See serial number info above)

7. What is the history of the gun ? How long have you owned it and how has it been used ?

8. Other than the addition of the Gracoil, has the gun been modified IN ANY WAY from the time it left the factory ? Stock cut, barrel ported, barrel 'tuned' etc. ?

9. What bore and constriction measurements constitute the 'full choke' ?

10. If anything in # 8 was done, who did it and when ?

11. What is the LOP ?

12. What model Gracoil system is on the gun ? Adjustable LOP or not ?

13. Does it come with a case ?

Maybe others more knowledgeable than I will think of other things.

Gene in Illinois
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