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Is the tide falling????

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I ask this question as I was in my dealer's shop today and he said he was now able to get some "allocated" guns in stock that have been unavailable until this week. He also said he was getting some centerfire primers and ammo in this week. I was in another shop and saw several AR 15's. I didn't check the price as I was not interested. But there were several in his racks. However I still don't see any 22LR's at either shop.
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Yes, seems a peak has been reached and passed. Several ARs have shown up in the LGS, BassPro, and Wal-mart. Local shop here got in several cases of 223 and the local Wal-mart routinely receives Tulammo 500rd tins for $154.00. The 22LR is still hard to find; however, about once a week Wal-mart does get in a case or two of the Winchester 555 cartons for $23.00. During normal times that would be above their usual supply. There are lines in the morning for the Walmart ammo, and it does sell out quick.

Also, when you check out the thousands of ARs on Gunbroker, the high gouge auctions are ending with no bids. The low reserve and no reserve auctions are ending at near pre-peak prices. The Colt LE6940 and the LE6920 SOCOM are still commanding higher prices, but this is because they are very desireable and were hard to get before the panic and are still harder to get than a base LE6920.

When the Senate votes on Feinstien's bill, I would expect there would be another rise in panic. If it passes the Senate, which is not likely, I would expect another serious panic.
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Yes, the tide is falling. I was at the Birmingham (AL) gun show yesterday and guys were walking the isles with AR's slung over their shoulders with for sale signs. I saw a Bushmaster with an $895 flag sticking out of the barrel. There were AR's all over dealer tables for $900+ and up.
Even hi-cap handguns seem to have been in abundant supply. Ammo is still tight. I think that will change fairly soon, also. According to a Remington firearms dealer I spoke with, his rep told him .22 ammo was in short supply only because they are concentrating on carching up on .223, 308, 9mm and .380 ammo. Thus, they have not producing as much .22rf of late. He said the ammo plants are working 24/7.

Have been in three gun stores this weekend.

All had a large selection of "black rifles", home-defense shotguns, and plenty of handguns.

Gun prices are no longer sky high but still much higher than last summer.

All had plenty of ammo but at high prices.

223 FMJ was $350 for 500.

16 gauge shotgun shells were cheaper than 12 gauge shells. Haven't seen that in a long time.

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It seems doubtful that Obama ,Feinstien and their socialist pals will get their anti gun bills through congress. ARs are becoming more available now. Ammo on the other hand will probably be in short supply for sometime to come. Stll no .22 ammo availale in most places! Dealers say they can't see that changing for awhile.
I was at a gun show in Springfield Missouri just today. Saw ONE bushmaster at 850.00 and a bunch in the 11 to 1300 dollar range. Mags were readily available. Found a case of brand new in the package Mag pulls for 35 bucks each. I found a table that had used ar 30 rounders for only 12.50 each and a bunch of others with them for 20 and 25 bucks each. Ammo is still close to a buck a round. Personally, I hope that everyone that has been trying to price gouge their fellow shooters choke on each and every dollar bill they lose on their stuff. John

Last I checked, it still takes two to tango. Let's say a guy spent several years buying .22 ammo at Walmart to the tune of 3 or 4 boxes a week for personal use. He spent between $8.47 and $13.47 per box.

As the retail prices rapidly climbed, he bought more because he thought $13.47 ammo is more better than $18.47 ammo. The crystal ball was right.

Fast forward to today. That guy is selling a carton for which he paid between $9-$14, for between $40 and $75 each to people who are more than happy to pay it. Is that "gouging?" Is accusing others of gouging actually a sour grapes form of class warfare?

That guy was willing to indefinitely tie up cash in inventory and was subsequently rewarded for his risk due to favorable market conditions. Just in time manufacturing and retail replenishment business models work exactly the opposite.

Of course, he wasn't actually taking a 'risk' per se, as the original intent of the acquisition was for personal consumption. However the economic principals correlate identically.

When you mix JIT supply chain logistics with an historical influx of new participants, re-invigorated casual users, seasoned shooters purchasing more, and speculators who are just in it to flip it, you get what we have now - scarcity.

I do understand your frustration. I might have some .22 ammo for sale. Are you in the market? If so shoot me a PM and I'll send you the financing application.
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I was in Dicks and STS #8 are selling for $10.00 with tax a box---I'd say that's gouging---How much are you guys [email protected]
Oh man! You really scared me. I thought you were referring to the worlds greatest football team.


Snookassassin, Clif Adams
Oh where oh where are the billions of .22lr being produced? May never see a carton of 525 for $13.99 when the tide flows out. These Einstein politicians will see that so much is being sold that they'll have to directly or indirectly impose a tax; may be even having to be required to take an anger management class(s) in order to excercise my 2nd Amendment rights of which has been proposed in Florida. I believe the best days have past and we're not going see those days again; i.e., MacArthur Park song "Someone left the cake out in the rain... and I'll never have the receipe again." applies here. All good things will pass. BT100dc
No sour grapes, I have what need. This ammo may be needed for real shortly and when delbert dumb ass that will never even use it is sitting on it, someone that will use it may go without.
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