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Yes Bob - we're shooting:

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Friday Night Fun Shoot this week - Nov 27th! Club opens at 5, protections start around 5:30.

This is an A/B draw calcutta that's a lot of fun. Pairs an experienced shooter with a novice, young or occasional shooter for 2 rounds (50 birds). The Rangemaster mixes things up but it's normally one round at the 16 yd and one at the 20 yd with one of them a wobble round. Always trying to make things interesting!

There's random colored birds for a beverage or free round of trap/skeet and of course the Gold Bird for the pot money! The cost is $10.00/shooter plus the option of $1.00 for the Gold Bird jug. Pizza by the slice is normally available. Cut off for sign-up is 7:00 PM so call if you're running late - 269/561-2133.

Come on out for a lot of fun shooting under the lights!
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