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is 11,400 psi a concern?

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A reload from the IMR book

Nitro, STS, Gun Club hull

Figure 8 wad

1 1/8 ounce shot

19.5 grains 700-X

Winchester 209 primer

1250 fps 11,400 psi

Should this pressure be a concern? The same load with a Remington primer drops the pressure to 10,200 but I have not been able to find Remingtons for months. Thank you in advance for your input.

P.S. I know this is a heavy load. Flinching and recoil are not an issue for me.
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No, the pressure wouldn't necessarily concern me. But it would (and does) give me a headsup that there are many powders better suited for 1 & 1/8 ounce 1250 fps. 700X is a better 1 ounce powder; they make 800x for a reason.

From what I can see, the Hodgdon online data (the owner of IMR powders) doesn't list a load that heavy with the W209. For the same load with an R209, they show 19.0 gives 11,300 psi and with a W209 they stop short at 18.0 grains for 1200 at 10,800.

So, current data is more conservative that what you're referencing.
thanks for your input Mike. My IMR data is dated. I will look into 800-x loads. I am trying to duplicate new nitro 27 loads. Thanks again for sharing.
You're welcome. Some on here probably have ideas for duplicating that round.
If you're willing to change components, maybe try a new post with that as topic?
800-X does not meter worth a flip in a progressive press. Use Green Dot or, better yet, Unique.
As most pointed out there are better choices, if you like IMR try 7625 for your 1&1\8 loads. Ross Puls
Consider Intl Clays, not many use it so it usually easier to find.

Rem primers are out there, saw them 2 days ago at an online dealer, checked 5,000 and they had them in stock. Priced still around $215/5,000....

Fellow from Hodgdon told me closest load to the factory Nitro Sporting (not Nitro 27) load I'll get is using Intl. I've got an A & B load, 1 oz & 7/8 oz, both around 1290 fps, way under 11,400 psi. I think around 9,000 psi, not positive, I'd have to go back and look. I use a DR purple jammer XL wad. slight adjustment to the powder bushing/charge, and all else stays the same.

Hope this helps.
<blockquote><I>"Use a Tgt 12 wad instead of the fig 8 and it drops the pressure considerably."</I></blockquote>Would you explain that, please. Everything about the 2 wads is identical except the length of the crush section; powder load is the same and shot load is the same. Puzzled.

Go to Hodgdon's website and check the recipes, but to duplicate the Nitro 27 load you can use a number of powders. International Clays is listed and was the powder that Remington initially used in the factory loads. I have heard from a reliable source that they are currently using Titegroup. Listed loads for both are in the 11,500psi range, but factory loads are loaded to this pressure so I see no problems as long as published data is replicated. I f you prefer IMR powders then I suggest taking a look at PB. It's been my choice for many years and does not develope as much pressure as Int. or Titegroup. Very expensive these days and Green Dot will produce similar results at a much cheaper cost.
<blockquote><I>"I'm getting that information right out of the imr reloading data sheet."</i></blockquote>That data doesn't appear in the on-line data.

The TGT-12 wad isn't listed at all for 12 ga. 1 1/8 oz, lead shot loads in 2 3/4" Remington hulls and data for F-8 wads and Winchester primers stops at 1200 fps.

Remington primers go to 1250 psi @ 11,300 psi with the F-8 primer and 19 gn. of 700-X.

Remington currently uses a blended powder not available to reloaders for their Nitro load, tight group is "similar" but not the same. The top load for tight group is 18.3-18.5 grains, TGT wad, Remington primer, this is important, the primer. Do not use anything else at this loading range, presuure is 11,500. If you can back it down a little, like 17-17.3 grains then use a winchester primer, I have done that and it works well, it is a 3 dram load (1200 f.p.s.) and no I have not cronographed it. I use a mec 9000 and the bushing for tightgroup is very small. This is a very versitile powder, 16 grains for singles (1150 f.p.s.) 17 grains for second shot doubles (1200 f.p.s.) and 18 grains for caps, if that is what you want to do. Keep in mind figure 8 and TGT wad loading data is interchangable, but with tight group you will get better crimps with TGT wads, they are dished in with a figure 8. YMMV. Scott
green dot works great...

Kenent1, hard to argue with you, Green Dot is a great handicap powder. Scott
I'll echo Kenent also -Green Dot is the powder to use if 1,250 FpS is really desired. Lots of recipies to get there and you won't be bumping into the pressure limits along the way.
<blockquote><I>"When I get home ill take a picture of the data I have in the imr pamphlet."</I></blockquote>I have no reason to doubt you, Doug. I'm wondering how old the pamphlet is and/or why the on-line data is different from the printed version. I'd be curious to see it, though.


I'm totally mistaken. I got my 1 oz load confused with my 1 1/8. I'm deleting my posts as not to confuse anyone

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