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This is from one of my college classmates son's

Tell Clinton and Nagel and Hagel to go talk to them--- and hold CNN and the other media accountable for accurate reporting

it looks like our media is helping the enemy in many ways


I won't say where I am on an unsecured e-mail other than that I am in the al
Anbar province between Fallujah and Ramadi. And basically, this small city
is a microcosm of the rest of Iraq. There are Iraqi Police, Iraqi Army, and
other coalition forces here. This phase is what is called the transition
phase. There are all kinds of transition teams deployed throughout the
theater training, advising, guiding, leading, teaching, and mentoring their
Iraqi counterparts. These teams consist of mixtures of Marines, soldiers,
IPLOs[International Police Liason Officers], and Navy Seals. We work
together as a team to prepare our Iraqi counterparts for a future without

A little bit about myself. I am a Marine NCO, I'm a Corporal, and I am an
O-Three-Eleven[the numbers don't work on this keyboard]. Basically, I'm a
grunt. I act in a capacity I was not trained to act in. The NCO in me
wants to see the police do things here by the book. The Grunt in me could
give a damn less how they get the job done as long as they get the job done.
A month and a half ago there was a vehicle borne-IED that killed over
fifty men, women, and children. These tactics are used in an effort to
scare the populace into supporting the insurgency and joining their cause
rather than ours. Not here, the people here will not tolerate it, they knew
full well who had done it and they came to the police. The next morning the
bomber did not have a head.
One of the things about this place that really sets me off, is this whole
Sunni-Shia conflict that is reported all the time. Take this place for example. The Iraqi Army, isn't all that different from our own. They get recruited, they go to boot camp, and they get sent somewhere in the country.
The majority of the Iraqi Army in this area, is Shia. The police are
Sunni. And aside from the United States and British militaries, I have
never seen a more well-oiled machine than the Iraqi Army, composed mostly of
Shia, working alongside the Iraqi Police, composed mostly of Sunnis. Both
sects working together, kicking in doors, going on raids, arresting
terrorists and suspects or even ultimately eliminating them. If I were in a
position to, I would stand before this entire country and tell the people of
Iraq that it is time to put aside their differences of Sunni and Shia, and
it's time to remember that they are Iraqis. It's no different from Boston
fans and Yankees fans. We hate the @#$# out of each other, but we are
Americans first, we share a state border, we are neighbors, and we embrace
each other that way. And if you think that is a terrible analogy well I can
give a damn less what you think, because there are some people in this world
that consider baseball religion. It is no different. But when I hear about
the police and the army raiding an insurgents house, finding weapons caches,
bomb making materials and rounding up insurgents, I have hope for this
country's future. The people of Iraq can learn a valuable lesson from the
team cleaning up this area.

It's time the Iraqi people's message was sent to the insurgents. It's
time the insurgents were told that they have lost this war. The people of
Iraq will not tolerate insurgency in their cities, amongst their families
anymore. It isn't happening just here, it's happening all over. I have
seen dead women, and I have seen dead children, all I have to ask is, how
much more does it take before our media sends the Iraqi's message to these evil bastards?

Keep advisors working closely with the governments and its branches in an
effort to make sure that everything goes smoothly at a higher level because
that's really where all the problems lie. The time to give Iraq back to its
people is now. I don't care what is being reported on CNN or you read in
the times, the people of this coutry, overall, are very grateful for us, and
in the future they will be an incredible ally. They are ready.

Corporal **************
United States Marine Corps
Semper Fi
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