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In dire need of a trigger part (edit)

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I am in desperate need of a hook for a McDaniels Release Trigger. I have contacted Doug Hubbart and he has made inquires on my behalf.. He suggested that I post on so here I am.. This is for a very early TM1 if that makes any difference..Also this trigger does not have the hole drilled thru the assembly for the hook. It requires the (other) hook that McDaniels used.

Also to the guys that buy and sell P-parts, if you have or have come your way a TM1 release trigger,that might be a bit rougher that you normally buy, would you consider picking it up for me? I just do not have the money to invest 400-600 in having one built. I know our sport is not cheap, and with a 25 year layoff, I realize many things have changed..

Not asking for someone to discount their front line items, just if a working but ugly one comes thru you could sell for 375 or less please consider it.

I have my flat spring Perazzi pull trigger Ser# 25 that I would be happy to include in a trade, just be aware that it was converted to a release by B. McDaniels and then returned to a pull...

Thanks for taking the time to read..

Ron Hamilton
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Give Phil Crenwelge aka Phillips Gunsmithing ajingle @ 210-313-5988.
I have a leaf spring McDaniels release trigger for my TMX that was built from factory Perazzi parts. I also have a coil spring release trigger built from factory Perazzi parts shown as an addendum on their parts list diagram. My triggers are not for sale but I am pointing out that the factory parts might be available from someone.

Phillip has been contacted..Thanks for the reply..

What kind of trap gun, I have a Mcdaniels hook assy for a perazzi TM-1

Gary Bryant
If nothing else, also might contact Kerry Allor.
I am not positive but I believe he was contacted also...

Thanks very much for the replys

Ron Hamilton
You can grab my phone number at the above website.

I have a few.

We talked yesterday, Tuesday.

I can get the original Perazzi TM1 hook, part number 5180. I can also get the trigger blade that goes with it, but the hammers are not available with the milled slot on the tops.

I spoke to Lucio this morning at Perazzi and he said he could/would mill a hammer, this this guy has the leaf spring hammer, and the above parts were made for the coil spring hammer guns.

I have no prices for these items, but I am sure they are not cheap. Aguess at the trigger blade #5156RT is probbaly going to be at least $125.

It get expensive owing an old, old Perazzi and keeping it running. And. sometimes you just have to hire a machinist to make certain parts.

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