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Illinois Trapshooters !!!!!

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Received today from the ISRA:
WE’RE SO SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE – In an earlier alert, we reported that officers with the Capitol Police had harassed members of the ISRA Lobby Team. Yesterday, the Chief of the Capitol Police detachment approached a member of ISRA leadership to clear the air. The Chief reported that the ISRA lobbyists were mistaken if they thought the officers were sent to harass them. According to the Chief, the police detail was charged with the duty of protecting two inert dummy rounds that were being used to support committee testimony on the Fifty Caliber Ban, one in .50 BMG and one in .30-06. UM…OK…as gun owners we can all appreciate the daunting task these officers faced in providing protection to a couple of duds – and we’re not talking about the Senate sponsors of the ban. Now that we have been assured that although the Officers were standing close enough to our lobbyists that they could feel their breath, they were in no way attempting to intimidate them. Chief, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt and ask our readers to please refrain from any further calls to the Secretary of State's office on this matter at this time.

Keep those calls going to the State Senators.

Gene Batchelar
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From the ISRA website today.
Gene Batchelar
Wheaton, IL

March 21, 2007 - Springfield Report

Today three very bad bills came out of the House Executive Committee. They are: HB758 (background checks on private transfers), HB873 (so called "assault weapons" and .50 caliber ban) and HB1078 (one gun a month). All votes were 8 to 5. The votes were all along party lines, with the Democrats voting for the bill. All of these bills are going to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Today beside Todd Vandermyde testifying, we also had Ronnie Barrett (of Barrett rifles) Mark Westrom (of Armalite) Joel Brunsvold (National Shooting Sports Foundation) and Mac MacWilliams. All were brilliant. The problem is none of it mattered, this is Springfield. Now, we the lobbyists, have to meet with each legislator. We need you to call your legislators and tell them you oppose these bills as well as SB16, which is in the Senate.

If you get this alert and are not an ISRA member, please join. You can also make a legislative donation on our website.

This is going to be a long and tough battle-hang in there.

Thank you for your support.

Richard A. Pearson

Please pass this alert along to all your gun-owning friends.

Please post this to your favorite bulletin board.
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