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I was shooting great, then my gun broke.

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Last night I was shooting 16yard trap singles, had run the first 17 straight and then my gun jammed. I was shooting a 1100 12ga and the forend support broke in 3 pieces. I had to grab my backup gun (870 16ga) and finish the last 8. ( finished with a 21 馃槬).
Now to get a replacement forend support to get it back up running again.
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My Dad, obviously a different generation, and used different brands and model of guns then we do today loves Superposed's and 1100s. He shot both and owned(s) many of both. But he always said you need two 1100's one to shoot and one for parts...and that was from someone that loved them. It doesn't matter who it is, or what they shoot, we have all had something break mid round. Good thing is 1100 parts are everywhere, get her back together and go run the trap.
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