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I saw a ZOLI un single at the club last nite

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I was impressed with the adjustability of the rib, adjustable front and rear,
It was a very good looking gun and I believe the sales on it is going to take off.

What I don't like is the tightness of the Bore, shot forcing cones and the heavy trigger pull that is required by the country of the Mfgr.

Semi Drop Out Trigger, like a Perazzi, but you have to take a screw out and follow directions for proper removal and re-installation.

Indiana Gun Club has them at $5995.00 as un-single Trap Model.

Gary Bryant
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I have one of these on my "to seriously consider" list, once I recover from paying for my daughter's wedding.

I shoot an older Zoli now, and I am impressed by the quality.
I saw one blow up, actually, it held together but could not be opened. Had to take it to a gunsmith. I would have to guess it was more a bullet problem but it did ruin the gun. John
For the $6K asking price you can buy a very nice, lightly used, type 4 Perazzi MX-8 or Mirage. If it's only a SBT, that same money (or less) will buy you a very nice high condition Ljutic Monogun. The choice seems obvious.

And for a little under $7k, I have a Silver Seitz for sale.

Gene in Illinois
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