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How I solved a face slap problem

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Back in 1995 I bought a lightly used Remington Special Trap 3200. It had a straight trap stock that was too low for me. Back then I didn’t know anyone who did adjustable combs so I added a stick on comb riser. That gave me a sight picture where the bead formed a figure 8


It shot where I looked but gave me a lot of cheek slap.

From 1998 to 2012 I was out of shooting for life reasons. When I got back in I started trying to use the 3200 again. I tried a lot of things. Changing pitch, adding an adjustable recoil pad adjuster and shooting 7/8 ounce loads. None of these things was the magic solution, so I bought a Perazzi TMX with a soft touch and put the 3200 in the back of the safe.

Curiosity got the better of me. I tried carefully laying on gun on the top of the other but its hard to compare. I finally got around to comparing them on a more scientific basis. I used a tape measure, dial callipers and a straight edge to make some measurements of both guns then drew them up in 3D cad. I have access to Autodesk Inventor and know how to use it.


I used the axis of the top barrel as my horizontal reference and this is what it looks like

I immediately saw something that I didn’t catch on the actual gun. The comb drops down at the back of the stock. The cause of the face slap was that as the gun recoils, the comb naturally rises and so hits me. It’s not a lot, .09” or about 3/32” over 5-1/2”.

I measured my TMX in the same manner and compared the two. I know my TMX has a slight drop to the front. I used CAD to figure out how much I needed to build the 32oo comb up, after removing the old pad, to match my TMX.


Took it out and shot a round and the face slap is gone!

I’m going to need an adjustable comb and would like some recoil reduction. Trying to decide if I want another soft touch or to send it to a good guy in Ontario and get a RAD and an adjustable comb. Whatever I do it will be this winter. Our season here in Manitoba is short so I want to use it while I can.

To make the top surface a bit smoother and protect the moleskin I covered it with that adhesive backed drawer liner material.


Looks good at 10 ft or so LOL!
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I have talked to Tron. I’m in Canada and sending gun/gun parts back and forth across the border can cause issues. From past experiences with this Tron respectfully declined, and I respect his decision.

I talked to soft touch, currently 25 weeks out. If I got that way I have to do some checking on regulations. I know of a good importer to get it back legally, but I’m not sure what I need to do to get it there. I’m going to check in on that early next week.

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On a Monte Carlo Trap stock, I prefer a very slight (~1/16") less drop at Monte Carlo (DAMC) than drop at comb (DAC). This allows the comb to slide away, rather than into your face upon recoil. A M32 Vandalia Rib 32" with Dockwiller Crown grade wood set made with dimensions as above has no face slap and is comfortable to shoot even with AA Hdcp. loads.

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Make sure your recoil pad is mounted so there is some positive pitch. Pitch is not critical but it should have some. Negative pitch will cause face slap!
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When I saw the title I was hoping it was a fresh new approach when inebriated and approaching and talking to sexy women at parties without receiving negative feedback. Oh well, back to plan B.
Aloha( you really busted my balloon)
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