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Hornady 366 Conversion Kit with Complete Die Head

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I recently purchase a used Hornady 366 package, and it came with an extra 20 gauge caliber conversion kit with the extra complete die head. I already have a complete 20 gauge reloader, and I do not need this conversion. Any idea what this is worth? I've had a hard time finding any other sets like this one. Thank you, Phillip
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Last I looked, a 20 ga die kit was close to $200 and the extra parts to complete the set-up was $100 plus. So, new, the cost is on the order of $300. It takes less than 5 minutes to convert the loader. You certainly should be able to get $100 - $150 for it.

One other alternative is IF you like to load two different component sets, used 12 ga dies are cheap -- I've seen them for less than $50 on ebay. Takes less than a minute to change out in-gauge die heads and really speeds reloading time up -- no fooling with the dies to get things adjusted.

Unless you need the money, I'd hang onto it for resale when the time comes. The price just keeps going up because of inflation.

- - Bill
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