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Hoppes #9

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I have been a # 9 user most of my adult life. The other day there was a e-mail/news article that said that Hoppes had changed the formula and that it no longer requires a hazmat sticker and that it is no longer flammable. It'll probably bring the price down significantly. Yeah right!
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Fell in love with that stuff when, as a kid of about 10, I spilled it on the living room rug. I try to buy it by the quart, usually when Midway has it on sale. It used to smell like bananas to me (so did the rug). ;-)

Bob Falfa
I wear it as aftershave.
So they are changing the formula? come on!! Is this already done or do I have time to buy a quart? Bill
when I was a kid, the ideal girlfriend was one that put a dab of #9 behind each ear...

It always smelled like Drambuie to me. When we where younger we refereed to Drambuie as gun oil.
I spilled some in my truck the other day, no need for an air freshner now....
Say it isn't so. Oh the humanity. What will our children do. My wife has worn Hoppes as a perfume for years! She claims that it is an aphrodisiac!

Got home from my Marine Corps tour of Vietnam 67/68 as a Scout Sniper 3/9/3. I was on leave from Camp Pendleton and working on my varmint rifles in the family garage and of course I was using Hoppes #9 when my mom came out of the kitchen and said how she missed the smell of Hoppes while I was gone.

Joe Winnicki
Hoppes#9 should be in the trapshooting HOF. It's a part of trapshooting's history. I always said, if you bottled it as a woman's perfume, women would have men follow them like the pied pipper. The smell brings back great memories of a time of days gone by to me.
Steve Balistreri
Used a lot of #9, but got a lot of static about how it smelled (some people have no soul).

A friend of mine was selling Bio Gunwash - actually, that's how I met him - and now when I clean my guns, the garage smells like somebody blew up an orange grove in there.

But while I occasionally get comments, I no longer get complaints.

I use to think it was the best smelling cleaner until I tried some G96.

Why would anyone use a bore cleaner on a shotgun, better yet there are some great bore cleaners out there today that blow old 9 away. like 50\50 shooters choice and kroil. Break free CLP.......
Memories from my youth, early 60's. My dads Stevens 22 rifle and having to make a box of 50 rounds last all day! Paper shot shells and of course, the smell of Hoopes #9. Still love those smells and memories of pheasant hunts with my dad and his friends.
Hoppes #9 formula changed some time ago; at least a year ago as I recall. Ammonia was removed so it does not dissolve copper as well as old formula. I still use it on shotguns (I like the smell too) but have changed to Wipe Out for rifle/pistol barrels with copper in them. By the way, my wife says "real men smell like Hoppes.
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