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Hood River Icicle Shoot 2009 Att: Shooters!!!!!!!!

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We will be shooting, come hell or high water this weekend. Club is plowed and there is some snow on the ground still. Looking forward to having everyone there for a wonderful weekend of shooting, good food, and good times. This shoot will be first class with good buckles, door prizes, and just an all around old fashioned "fun shoot"

If you need anything feel free to email. If you need a program email me as well. l.g. over and out!!!!
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A good time was had by all this past weekend.Tri-tip was about as best as meat could be cooked, and I had no one come to me on Saturday and ask if they could shoot any more targets in one day.......

I will post some pic's on here tomorrow when I get to my home computer. Father and son team of Bob and Shane Loper won the buddy shoot, with a smooth 151 X 160. Chuck, and I am not even going to try and spell that guys last name from Canby won the Annie championship with Bob Loper second and Gene Wilmoth in third. Long Bomb winner was Mikey Norman with a 2 out of 5 from about 75 yards back from trap at a pretty extreme angle.

I'm working on getting some special green targets for next year with about twice as much black on them in case of the snow again for better visibility.

Thanks again to all the shooters who support this little club. l.g.
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